Our choices determine what we experience. If we are always looking at the bad in people, then we have bad interactions with people. If we beat ourselves up for ‘not being good enough’ then we will not have the confidence to succeed. We always have the choice to be optimistic or pessimistic. To act out of love or hate, for forgiveness or blame. Which do you want to experience? The choice is yours.” ~ Jennifer Wardowski

The Spirit of Dreams

  • Understanding
  • Types
  • Remembering
  • Working with


  • Voice & Rhythm
  • Nature & Intuition
  • Music & the Beat


  • The Power of words
  • Names, Titles, and labels
  • The Spirit of Communication
  • The Power of invocation
  • Spells, Incantations, Invocations, and Devocation

Sacred Integers

  • Sacred Geometry
  • Universal Shapes
  • Numerology

Rituals, Ceremonies, and Holding Space

  • Opening & Sealing Space
  • Entranceways and Gates
  • Stages
  • Types

Seer’s, Mystic’s, Diviner’s, Prophet’s & Reader’s

  • Reawakening people to their divinity
  • Oracular Methods