Are a series of lessons that delve into various topics for people who are on a spiritual journey. Not for the faint of heart as we dive into areas of work that’s customarily not shared outside of indigenous cultures. We suggest that you have some foundational work in shamanism, Wiccan theory, magik, and any other type of spiritual practice.

Current Lessons & Courses:

Divine Declaration. Your spiritual life’s statement of purpose.

As the name signifies, the Divine Declaration is your incarnation statement about who you are and why you are here on this planet. It is your beacon that lights the way to your mission on earth.

It is your beacon that lights the way to your mission on earth.

The Botanical Mother

This one lesson in the course of elemental studies is designed to give you the ability to communicate and access the gifts of nature’s instructor. The botanical mother a compelling new way of understanding life on our planet.

Water types and their unique powers: Ocean, River, Lake

Understand the difference between 3rd & 4th-dimensional work when working with water energy.

Learn the language of water and the ability to tap into waters lifeforce.

Ceremonies and Rites

Understand the flow of community during ceremonies and rites

Learn to enhance and shift energy during rituals and ceremonies to empower and support your community.

Tap into and understand the universal energies that are coming through your ceremonies.

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