Designed by Spiritual Technologist Alwyn Alphonso Thomas specifically for the SpiritTech Academy. He brings over 30 years of knowledge and wisdom to each lesson. Incorporating all that he has learned, experienced and seen. In this series, of courses, Mr. Thomas delves deeply into the unseen world of the universe. He reawakens us to universal rules, laws, and understandings. Guided by his connections to the other world he communicates information that rarely gets taught outside of indigenous communities. This complete program will not be seen or experienced anywhere else in the universe.


You have a unique role to make to hue-manity, and never let anyone attempt to persuade you otherwise. You think differently. Your life experiences have been different from most around you. It also has you feeling differently (intensely). You need to honor these gifts and believe in yourself. Your ancestors and spirit guides want you to succeed. You are here, NOW, for a reason. Be the SpiritTech that you know you have always wanted to be.

Spiritual Technologist, Alwyn Alphonso Thomas