You believe that you should be walking a different path. One that is sacred but you are not sure what that path is or how to start down the road

You’ve invested in workshops, books, video, etc., but still, find yourself not sure which way to go?

You want to get out there and share your gifts, but you haven’t yet developed the confidence to let others know that you have abilities that you want to share with the world. After all, are you sure that what you have is a gift? It would help a lot if you could be part of a community that shares and empowers each other’s gifts from the heart like you’re ready to do.

If any of this sounds familiar, I have GREAT news. I have the PERFECT solution to assist you in being empowered to share your gifts and have the confidence that comes from being an empowered spiritualist!
It’s not your fault you’ve struggled to embrace your powers. We do not live in a society that allows us to embrace our gifts fully. Sometimes you need to be with people that have a deep understanding beyond the standard dialogue that most people who are doing shamanic work are speaking. But the problem is how do you know if the person you’re watching or listening to is knowledgeable about what they are talking about? What if you’re learning from someone that has never been to the spirit realm?

What if you had a library of in-depth lessons by an internationally traveled spiritualist right at your fingertips that you could watch whenever you wanted to understand the deeper meanings of shamanic practice, divination, and the spirit realm? And what if these lessons were based on my highly touted Awaken the SpiritTech In YOU Online Course, which allows you to BE, GIVE, REAWAKEN and CONTRIBUTE to your community?

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Awakening the SpiritTech in You Online Courses is a series of lessons that delve into various topics of indigenous healing and understanding for people who are on a spiritualist journey. These lessons are not for the dabbler of spiritual work as we dive into areas that customarily does not get shared outside of indigenous cultures. It is best that you have some foundational work in shamanism, Wiccan theory, magik, or any other type of spiritual practice.

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  • Take your divination/reading/seeing skills to new levels.
    • Understand the differences in inductive, intuitive, and interpretative divination.
    • Learn the art of understanding the language of the earth and the universe.
  • Understand elemental powers and your connection to them.
  • You will know and reawaken to your purpose.
  • You will know how to open gateways and realms if this is your gift.
  • And much more to come over time.

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Once you are part of the community, you’ll have lifetime access to all of the Awakening the SpiritTech in You course. We suggest you plan to watch each lesson a few times. The first time you’re probably going to get caught up in the talk itself and all the fantastic content and learnings that you will receive.

During the second and third time you watch the videos, you can start to dissect and break down what is being delivered to you and how to apply it to your own life and community. Are there things that ring in your core? What is opening up for you as you connect with the messages? Is this a path of learning that I want to go down further?

Every time you listen & watch a lesson, you will hear and experience new levels of information. Also, you’ll want to take some time to give us feedback so that we can continue to build out the courses with valuable learnings that will benefit you and the community.

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We are not going to waste your time equating the price of this to a new pair of shoes or a deck of Tarot cards since we know that you can see that it is worth every penny of the $199 investment. After all, if you were to travel to different countries to gather this information, it would have cost you over $5,000 just for the airfare tickets, not to mention additional travel expenses, food, hotel and time away from your office. AND you STILL wouldn’t have lifetime access to those individuals. With us you have access to the recordings for life, so you can go back and listen to lessons over and over again.

Also, as a new venture, we are seeking heart-centered mystically inclined individuals, elders, and leaders that are willing to come in and become the core circle of the community. If you are one of these people or if you can see yourself in the future as one. Then this community is for you.

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We wish to make our online learning available to as many people as possible. So we decided that as we build our academy, we will give an initial lifetime price of $199 to anyone who is willing to join us as we build out the academy. When you invest in us, we will invest in you by supplying all the knowledge and learnings that we have to give. As more lessons and courses are added to the system the investment price will go up. Also, at the end of the year, we will end the lifetime membership offering and make future membership plans a yearly subscription.

Now is the time to come in and contribute by letting us know what you are interested in learning and we will begin to develop the lessons or find the resources for you to assist you on your path.

Before deciding to enroll. We would prefer that you ask your spirit guides or higher beings if this is something that you should be associated with. We want you to take action to work with us because it is part of your path.

Sending you blessings and heartfelt thanks,

Alwyn Alphonso Thomas & Allies

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