Laws of spirit

Whether a person lives in an indigenous society or a high tech social order, each person learns and understands the specific rules of their community. When you disobey, a law, there are consequences. The same thing occurs with the laws of spirit. This course will give you a detailed understanding of spiritual laws. Enabling you the ability to understand and walk in the flow of the universe.

Conversations with the spirit realm

Learn the ins and outs of opening channels to the spirit realm. You will create your unique key(s) that will allow you to open the door to your connection to the other world.

Color Consciousness

We react to color on many different levels. This course takes you on a journey to understand the usage of color in healing from a new level of understanding. Join us in peeling back the many hues of color and exposing the transformative nature that is inherent in pigmentation.

The Power of Invocation

If you are a shamanic practitioner, Wiccan celebrant, traditional healer, or anyone involved in spiritual community work. Then this course is for you! Created to assist people in understanding the power of invocation. By the end of the course, you will have created an invocation that you will be able to use to open spaces for community work.