Kick off 2020 with our $299-online lifetime member program. It begins with our initial 12-part online training program. Classes will be held live over the internet. We know that SpiritTech’s will want to come back and review the information. Thus, all sessions are recorded for future viewing. We are offering you lifetime access to all recorded sessions.

At the SpiritTech, we believe anyone can be a SpiritTech by learning the fundamentals of the magical world around them.

The first series of classes will be around:

  • Purpose & Path
  • Nature’s Elements
  • Sacred Arithmetic’s

You are also included in future online training programs.

SpiritTech’s learn the art of Seeing, Tasting, Touching and Listening to the whole body and beyond. This breaks them free of the illusion. They understand their connection to  Family, Community, Guardian Spirits and themselves; Which expands their respect to the earth and universe.

They have learned to communicate in ways that move people’s spirit, hearts, and minds in ways that change the world.

Today is your opportunity to join the SpiritTech community and enter the new year reclaiming your journey.


  • Learning & reawakening to your path & purpose
  • Understanding Natures powers for healing and transformation
  • Clarity on how numbers affect you in your life.
  • Access to live online classes
  • Access to recorded sessions
  • Deep understanding and learning about self, family & community
  • Lifetime access to recorded sessions

We have many students taking advantage of the $199-online lifetime member program we have available for you. So, do wait or you might miss this opportunity.

P.S. Please feel free to share this with anyone you think would be interested becoming a SpiritTech.

There is no beauty but the beauty of action. ~ Moroccan Proverb