“When an elder dies, a library of knowledge is lost”

– Sobonfu Somé

Free Yourself!

Learning the universal understandings of the elements, quantum magic, and oracular science while powerfully serving your community as an elder, shaman, or leader and knowing on a deep level that you are creating a healing space each time you come into your village is what you have been seeking.

It’s Not a Dream!

To all my heart-centered healers, shamanic individuals, spiritual elders of change, Wiccan beings, mystic transformationalist, indigenous practitioner, and anyone that works or studies the sacred arts.

Do you see, feel or experience things that others are not aware of? Do you dream in color? Are you ready to take your life to a new level?

It’s Your Time!

Embracing your gifts as a spiritualist is your right, not a fantasy. Continue reading to learn more about how you can reawaken to your genius and deliver them to the world in an immense way, be the guide that awakens others to their talents and create communities that empower the blossoming of a woke community.