Think of a community center that has several spaces that can be used by anyone that would like to rent a room for their community needs. It has areas for groups to come together and share ideas. It usually has a list of people that support and are looking for other ways to connect with other like-minded individuals. This center may also have private offices for people or groups that have decided that they want to have a more substantial presence in the community. In this community center, you can hold daily, weekly, monthly and yearly gatherings. The ability to leave flyers keeps others aware of what events will be coming soon. Community centers also share resources and space with others to bring the cost down.

Now, think about creating this same community center, virtually. Think about the power of being connected to other communities of like-minded individuals. How delightful to be able to communicate with people from around the world. Share and learn from other people doing the kind of healing work that you are doing. Meet new people with new concepts and processes on how to invoke the sacred in us all. Online communal spaces for learning and sharing has been around for years, and it’s now starting to get a broader acceptance in the shamanic & healing communities.

Currently, our primary areas of focus are holistic health and shamanic/mystical learning. Feel free to let us know if there are other areas that you think we could include.

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Here are three key areas for you to explore in the academy.

The ability to upload your prerecorded courses, workshop & lectures. Then share with your community and beyond. This is perfect for the person or community that:

  • wants to start delivering their knowledge but may not have a community yet.
  • has a pre-recorded course that you would like to get out to a broader market.
  • limited by the number of users accessing your courses.

The ability to deliver live lectures, readings, counseling & mentoring session with individuals or groups anytime & anywhere. This is perfect for the person or community that:

  • Is doing live streams, webinars, divinations, online counseling & coaching sessions.
  • would like to perform team and community work virtually.
  • Is already doing online training but may be having technical difficulties.

The ability to receive compensation & verification directly through the sight. This is perfect for the person or community that:

  • wants to receive compensation before, during or after services rendered.
  • wants to accept multiple types of payments from clients.
  • wants to create recurring payments plans.

There is much more the system can deliver but I want to keep it simple as some of you are probably new to the virtual world. Just remember that all the information that you need is located on this website. Plus, feel free to contact us by email if you have any questions at

The best thing about the SpiritTech Academy is that you don’t need any hardware or software skills to deliver lessons through it. Plus, the system is intuitive, and everything is in front of your eyes. No need to search for anything. With absolute ease, you can make online courses, stow and share content and collect credit card and PayPal compensations from students worldwide.

We are enthusiastic about the capabilities of the system and all that it can offer. Please, take advantage of every aspect of the system during your 30 days. We promise that we are not here to bind you to any long-term contracts. We firmly believe that we come into each other’s lives for a reason and when it is time for us to part. Let us do it with peace and grace. That means your data is your data; it is not ours.

Whether you choose to work with us now or not, I hope you can see that it would make sense to try us out at least and secure your space for when you are ready.

Again at any point during the next two months If you would like to speak with us, feel free to send us an email at

If you are ready to start, click on the “APPLY NOW” button on the top right side of the screen.

SpiritTech Academy is for Everyone

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